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What does it mean? Organizer.

I am an organizer! I have always been an organizer, messy sometimes, yes, but an organized mess. My house does not look much different than yours. I have good days and bad. I do not judge. We all have baggage from our past that causes us to have quirks, God knows I have a few myself. I often think clients assume I am perfectly organized being a professional organizer, and most of the time I am, but there are times when my home gets away from me too. We all need help to some extent. Reaching out to an organizer does not mean you are a hoarder, lazy or messy. It just means that at this time in your life you need a little help. That is where I come in. I listen to what your needs are, your weaknesses around organizing, and your strengths. Then we come up with a plan that will work for you, allowing you to keep clutter to a minimum, find your belongings easier, and stay tidy. The less we possess items that we do not use or need the easier life becomes. Need and want? What we need to survive is what we should have around us. What we want is not necessarily what we need. We all have items in our homes that we wanted at some point but if we look back, even just 6 months, have we used them? I imagine most of us will say no.

Take a look around and ask yourself do I "need" or "want" this in my home? Does it bring me peace, joy, and happiness or does it make me feel trapped, alone, and overwhelmed?

Remember items do not hold memories, those we hold within our hearts.

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