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Hello Blogging Land! I am Pam the owner of Living Uncluttered. As you can imagine at the age of 55 blogging is a new adventure to me. Wanna come along for the ride? I am going to make the effort to post weekly. Starting at the beginning of my journey and hopefully as time goes on, become comfortable and be able to share more about me, my experiences, tips, tricks on decluttering and organizing, and how I am becoming a successful small town Professional organizer. Let's get started.


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I begin 2024 with optimism, frustration, and new goals. My optimism is coming from the fact that my business is growing and I am feeling more and more confident in my abilities to organize spaces and

I am finding this hard!

I like the idea of a blog to let you know what is going on but, I find it difficult to give you ideas on how to get and stay organized. I read blogs from other organizers and it is so cookie-cutter. M

What does it mean? Organizer.

I am an organizer! I have always been an organizer, messy sometimes, yes, but an organized mess. My house does not look much different than yours. I have good days and bad. I do not judge. We all have


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