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I am finding this very hard. To write about organizing and decluttering when every instance and client is completely different. There is no one way is the right way. Yes, there are of course "tricks of the trade" but even those do not apply to every client. I can write about my experiences and how going into a new home for the first time is scary, butterfly-inducing, and utterly terrifying that what I will find on the other side of their door is something I have not seen before or do not know how to help with. Every consultation is a job interview and I seem to be doing a few of them a week. Remember how you felt on your first interview? Am I going to be able to do this, am I a good fit for the job at hand, what if I fail? These are just a few of the questions I ask myself on a daily basis. Then the door opens and I find an amazing person(s) on the other side of the door looking to me for help. I walk around the house, listening intently to how they are feeling and what they need help with most. At that point it hits me and I know exactly how to help and what to do to get them comfortable in their home again. Hopefully bringing them the peace they so deserve to have in their home. I can easily say that even though I am anxious and uneasy at most "interviews" the truth is this is the most rewarding job I have ever had.


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I am finding this hard!

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