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I just typed a thoughtful post about being an organizer. I then opened a new tab to find a cool picture to attach and it is gone! I will try again tomorrow.

That said, this picture sums up me today! How's your day?


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I like the idea of a blog to let you know what is going on but, I find it difficult to give you ideas on how to get and stay organized. I read blogs from other organizers and it is so cookie-cutter. M

I am an organizer! I have always been an organizer, messy sometimes, yes, but an organized mess. My house does not look much different than yours. I have good days and bad. I do not judge. We all have

I just saw this today and decided this is my organizing in a nutshell. This is what I strive for with my clients on a daily basis. It feels so darn good to have the heavy weight of all that stuff lift

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