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I begin 2024 with optimism, frustration, and new goals. My optimism is coming from the fact that my business is growing and I am feeling more and more confident in my abilities to organize spaces and make them work. This will be my 4th year organizing homes and I am still loving every minute with my clients and their stuff!

Frustration stems from what I can not control. I have to come to the realization that as much as I want to I really can not help everyone. I can shift items around like playing tetris but ultimately I really have not helped with the underlying issues that some of us carry around for lifetimes. I know that within a short period of time the home will be back to where we started. I know that I help the majority of my clients in life changing ways and I need to stick with that thought this year. Help as many people as I can.

My goals are very simple. Stay healthy, happy and content knowing that in my 57th year on this planet I have accomplished much, helped many and genuinely been a good person (most of the time, anyway). Are any of us good all the time?

2024! This year brings changes to my personal life. My daughter starts college this year! She is becoming a person that I admire immensely. She is brave, humble and generous. She is going to make an amazing elementary school teacher!

If I have not met you yet, I hope to this year! If you need help decluttering and organizing give me a call. I can help.


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