Our Services

We offer a variety of services which are listed below.

If you do not know what service might be best for you, please chat, call or text me so we can talk and schedule your free consultation. You have taken the first step to being organized just by being on my page. Let me do the rest.

I work with you to come up with a

plan to organize and declutter your kitchen, pantry or both. We will discuss products that may make

your life easier or if you are on a budget we will come in and organize

those spaces to help you live

easier in your home.

2 Hours $100

3 Hours $150

Not including cost of bins,

baskets, etc.



Pantry & Kitchen

Have too many clothes, yet still struggle in figuring out what to wear?

If this sounds like you, our closet makeover is perfect for you!

- Make room for the pieces that bring you joy

- Together we will go through your current wardrobe and assess what should be kept or not

- Organize your closet strategically based on your needs and lifestyle

 - Get ready in less TIME with LESS STRESS!

2 Hours $100

3 Hours $150


Kids rooms and play spaces should

be fun, safe, and organized so your child feels in control of their own space. If it is easy for a child to

put away their toys, they will!

We will work closely with you to

come up with an organizational

plan to create a safe, decluttered and fun space for all ages.

2 Hours $100

3 Hours $150

Not including safety items,

containers, shelving units, etc. 


Garages &

Storage Areas

Kids Rooms & Playrooms

Garages and storage spaces are

some of the biggest jobs we do. We can take your cluttered and unorganized garage and make the space into a place you can find everything quickly.

These spaces require bins, boxes,  totes and or shelving to be purchased, if there is none existent to be utilized.

$70 per hour min. 4 hours

(includes 2 organizers)  

All purchases will be approved

before organization day. Unused

items will be returned and

refunded to you.

Morning Coffee on Terrace

Whether you're downsizing your

 home, need help unpacking

all those boxes, combining households or simply want advice on the best layout for your new space - we've

got you covered.

- Unpack & Organize

your new home

​- Downsizing your home

​- Move preparation & Packing

-Staging for selling your home

$70 per hour

2 Professionals.



Life Transitions

Do you have photos in a box?

Let us help get them

organized for you.

-We can scan your photos and put them on a photo stick to use

in your computer.​

-Organize your photos in an album.

-Catalog your photos by date,

place or family and organize them

neat and tidy in a pretty box.

$70 per hour

photo stick, albums or boxes. Not included.

Choose a digital picture frame..add $100

Consultation Fee is $20 for 1 Hour

Service area is 1 hour in any direction of Spring Hill.

What's Included

  • A judgement free experience for all clients.

  • Time Professional Organizers spend in your home.

  • Customized labels.

  • Light cleaning.

  • All purchases will be approved before organization day.

  •  Unused items will be returned and refunded to you.

  • Removal of trash and donations. Must fit in small SUV.

  • Time spent researching products and design layout.

  • Help finding professionals for shelving and closet systems.

  • Organizational support included in the first 30 days .