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Clients become friends so quickly.
This is another reason I love what I do!

Pam is as professional as they come. She is amazing at her skills. She not only does a great job, she gives you ideas when she's done so you can go on living uncluttered.
F.M.C 1/17/2023

Pam and Angie showed up on time as scheduled and worked with me to get my office space organized. I had an accident recently and have been unable to keep up so I'm thankful for these ladies during my difficult time. I will have them back to help me gain more space in other rooms.
T.B. 7/13/22

"The best experience ever. I had a messy second bedroom and we called it the messy room. Everything just thrown in there. Not anymore. Now it's amazing. This was a birthday present from my daughter and sister. Pam is amazing. Thank you. D.J. 6/1/2022

"I couldn't believe that they could make my sewing room that function-able. It looks amazing and they did it so quickly. I had been struggling with it for a year. So glad I was able to find them! Also, I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for other projects! KR 01/29/2022

"Pam and Angie did a phenomenal job. Pam had very open, clear, and responsive communication both before and during the job, managed to find the absolute perfect mix of shelves and baskets for our home, and went above and beyond by creating a custom slide-out extension for a desk. Aside from all of this, they're both just plain fun to talk and be around. HM 12/28/2021

"Pam was absolutely amazing to work with. I had talked to two other companies about getting some unpacking help, and then I spoke with Pam; I knew that she was the best choice. We immediately connected and I felt comfortable having a complete stranger in my home. Pam is very easy going and friendly. She is also a very fast worker and got so much done in just a few hours. She helped me with organizing my closets and helped completely unpack my 5 year old daughters room (which I was dreading lol.) I am very happy with everything that she did and would definitely hire her again. If you are in need of some help with clutter definitely hire Pam! You won't regret it" 
A.K. 7/18/2021
"Thank you so much for working so hard!
I'm already planning the next project!!
I'll be getting back in touch with you to plan the next area!"
N.R. 6/7/2021
"Pam and Angie went above and beyond. They did such a great job on my house. They took such a burden off me and made my home so much more functional. Oh and the best part...they finished the job a couple days early and I paid a lot less than originally quoted!" D.H. 8/2021
"Pam and her team were relentless in their pursuit to get our house in order! It was truly amazing and they did not even stop to eat. Very please with everything they did. They even got rid of all our old papers that we just stuffed in randon places. Thank you very much Living Uncluttered!" K.D. 8/2021

" How do I even put into words how grateful I am for Pam & her team! I had initially asked her when I first met her if she had a "whole house special" just joking around, because I really needed my whole house organized...&, they absolutely organized every nook and cranny! Every room, every closet, every drawer, every cabinet, EVERYTHING is just so organized now! And I just absolutely love the furniture she chose for us, the cutest fabric bins, & all the organizing containers and bins! I just love it all so much. I was amazed, absolutely blown away with all they accomplished in only THREE DAYS! I couldn't believe how much they did! Stuff that I have been putting off for years that I just didn't want to deal with, they went through EVERYTHING! I have never had my house organized & it feels truly amazing. They move quickly & don't waste any time at all! They truly pay attention to detail, & you can just tell how much Pam truly loves and cares about people. You can absolutely tell that she does this because she loves it and has such passion for it. After the 3 days of organizing were over, I was bummed to not have her around anymore LOL! Just loved getting to hang out with her and chat and get to know her and her work partner, Angie. We would absolutely use her again, again and again! Pam and team, we cannot thank you enough! You have truly given us a new love for our home and all the beautiful life that goes on here with our homeschooling family. This was so amazing to start off homeschool year! These people are incredible and extremely trustworthy. We love you guys! Thank you, thank you THANK you!!"
L.D. 9/2021

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